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Qemmet Alrawasi Contracting Corporation is a national institution was born the idea by more than fourteen years and has worked in many areas by the establishment in the third month of Ramadan for the year one thousand four hundred and twenty-two honorable immigration and faith in the institution specialization. has tended to work in the areas of roads and buildings, where the roads cross the extent of civilization and progress of nations, and the buildings reflect the history of nations & originality.

We are always striving to accomplish our business in the best form to achieve good our reputation thanks to God, and therefore we have received certificates of appreciation from various quarters completed its work required on time and to the fullest, and that we have rated 2nd-class in the field of roads and God willing Come to get the third degree in the field of water and sanitation systems as our classification of the fourth degree in the areas of buildings, electricity, and this is by the grace of God and our technical staff coach the highest efficiency for the completion of works in charge and that we have a sufficient number of equipment & devices we are always looking to improve the performance for the better, we ask God success .

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Qemmet Al Rawasi Contracting Establishment Building
Al Oraygat Area 316535, Riyadh 11331
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

TEL: +966-11-432-9255
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