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The main goal of any facility is to seek to achieve the maximum possible profit in parallel with the best performance possible to provide services of all kinds and out to provide the best performance is to have the facility all the possibilities available to achieve this Target with full faith that the expansion of the scope of work and increase the number of current projects and expectations of increased future projects property and next to each their ability requires steadily availability of a large base of equipment of all kinds and the multiplicity of tasks in order to cover all areas of work in all its diversity and geographic plurality so it was planning to increase those assets are growing and steadily target key of an entity besides it was necessary to develop a consistent and parallel plan to increase employment skilled and trained in all divides and also expand the cadre of technical manpower from national and expatriate workers in order to achieve the best achievement Alaamal.ayda rates Besides, in particular the development and increase the staff and administrative, which includes engineers multiple specializations and accountants multiplicity of tasks and specialization, which is the reason the intellectual property and the outline of its strategy and the executor of the during the guidance and participation of senior management of the facility believe that the combination and integration of these factors would improve the facility to a better level from which all targets successfully achieve and achieve all our goals through completion of assigned projects to us in the timing without delay or obstacles on the part of the facility is a tribute to us at the owners of those projects a positive and assess its part, it gives her more confidence and peace of mind when you win tenders and attribution us other works and the size, and value of larger contracts and through that assessment we can upgrading our rating to a higher level from which we can contract a giant and large-scale projects have All bodies of all government and private.                                                                              

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